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for Health Care Professionals

No Fuss.  No Long-Term Contracts.

Professional Reputation Management Services for Health Providers.

Don't Be a Victim of Unfair Reviews.  We Can Help Remove Negative Comments and Posts about You on the Internet That Can Irrevocably Harm Your Business

Your Professional Advocate

RepMD helps busy health professionals and small businesses manage what others say about them the internet, effectively and confidentially. Unlike other reputation management companies, we are doctor-owned and VERY AWARE of health privacy and FTC testimonial laws and what can and can’t be said about your medical practice. We can work directly with your business, and boost your reviews and ratings.
Avoid headaches and costly legal fees and let RepMD work with you this.

Years of Experience, Affordable, and Gets the Job Done

We have helped 100s of doctors across the country with their reputation management.

With surveys such as Pres Ganey and "pay for performance" indicator required for insurance companies - it is imperative that health care professionals understand negative reviews could influence your clinic's revenue.

RepMD is the only doctor-owned reputation management company that provides these innovative and revolutionary services exclusively for doctors. They work with doctors, small businesses and service professionals in helping them improve their online reputation. Due to privacy laws, some professionals, like doctors, are unable to reply back to the false statements that they are receiving online. For this reason, doctors are asking RepMD to act as their own online advocate. RepMD helps doctors through the process of turning their online reputation into a positive aspect, every step of the way.


Protect Your Online Reputation

RepMD monitors posts on websites and forums that can attack your reputation. We contact these sites on your behalf, as well as replace them with positive search results. Control what patients. customers and colleagues find you on the search engines, and remove inflammatory and defamatory comments on the net.isl.

RepMD: What We Do for You

    • Remove harmful and negative posting about you and your business
    • Monitor rating and review sites
    • Work with your business to collect and post positive experiences
    • Help control your listings online
    • and much, much more!

    "I use RepMD. They will absolutely try to get stuff removed, and if they can't, they create lots of sites with good things about you so that the bad stuff gets buried. I don't know how much Reputation.com charges, but RepMD seemed very reasonable. I have been pleased with what they have done!"

    Dr. E.G. -  Internist

    "Helped pushed down results that were errorneous and damaging to my clinic.  RepMD is highly recommended to my colleagues"

    C.S. - Plastic Surgery

    Pictures have been changed to protect our clients.