About Us

Reputation Management: An Important Tool for Professionals

The importance of online reputation management came about early on, as a family friend who was the wife of a celebrity, wanted certain tabloid postings on her child’s name kept popping up on the search engines. After understanding the dynamics of online reputation management, a study was shown the way to do this was “push down” negative posting, while improving their own rankings with information they kept control. As the prevalance of doctor rating sites came about it, and having an increase effect in physicians, RepMD was a natural progression to helping doctors control their reputations. As success of our company spread, we then expanded to helping all businesses control their reputation.

Our goal with RepMD is to let you do what you do best – take care of your patients, clients, and customers, and we take care of the rest! We look forward to working with you!

Michael Woo-Ming, MD MPH – Founder is a much in demand internet business consultant, lead strategiist, speaker and entrepreneur. Once working a full-time income as a Mayo Clinic trained physician, Dr. Mike built his internet company while still maintaining a 60 hour work week. An often in-demand speaker on traffic and conversions and lead generation, Dr.Mike has worked with companies from as far away as in United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

An expert in lead generation, he has personally generated over 700,000 leads in 11 different markets. Dr. Mike now brings his internet knowledge to RepMD. Starting servicing corporations in help marketing their own businesses effectively online, the author of the industry guide “Marketing for Doctors: How to Effectively Market Your Medical Practice on the Internet”, now helps medical practices build greater traction in their business through the internet and social media.

Jenny Seaboldt – Executive Liason:

Jenny began her internet marketing experience in 2007, following a teaching career in the state of California. These skills have allowed her to achieve a successful career as your executive liason, all the while building and polishing her skills in the internet marketing field. Outside of work, Jenny spends time in the outdoors and with her pets.