How It Works

There are over 100 (and counting!)  websites that rate and review physicians, clinics, and hospitals.   Often times negative comments appear for physicians, and due to patient privacy laws, most physicians cannot comment or dispute what ever is written for them.  Complicating the matter are insurance payers companies are including “rating systems” which can determine reimbursements. As such, most doctors feel powerless to do anything, and often resort to complicated and expensive lawsuits.
Enter RepMD, your physician advocate on the Internet
RepMD was founded for physicians help physicians.  RepMD was founded by a doctor, and have had years of experience in helping corporations with their reputation management and online marketing.  Our technology allows us to monitor and stop harmful posts that can affect your credibility and reputation.
RepMD can:
  • Remove harmful and negative posting about you and your clinic
  • Monitor rating and review sites
  • Work with your clinic to collect and post positive experiences
  • Help control your listings online
  • and much, much more!


What is RepMD About?

RepMD was created to help physicians monitor and manage their internet results that could affect their reputation and practice.  Due to current privacy laws, many physicians cannot directly comment what’s said about them on the web, even if its 100% wrong. With nearly 100 sites that rate physicians (and more so growing every day) now doctors have a solution to help control their online reputation.

What type of services do you offer?

We are your physician advocate to remove comments on your behalf of those sites. Similar to reputation management services online, we can also create positive comments
(either collect them for you or work with your clinic for existing patient comments you currently have) and post on the internet.

What is RepMD’S  Experience?

We are an online company with years of search engine optimization and reputation management. We have worked with not only individuals but small and mid-sized
companies helping manage their internet reputation. We are a physician-owned company, which gives us unique advantage when dealing with physicians, clinics, and hospitals,
in help managing their needs.  RepMD was established in 2012.  We helped co-launch one of the largest reputation management services for health care professionals in the country.  Now on our own, we can provide affordable services to doctors and dentists with minimal overhead.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is determined with what we currently see for you and how many occurrences we see. One price does not fit all.The first step is filling out an evaluation form to see how best we can help you.

Do you really think negative posts can affect my reputation?

Nowadays, people can say anything they want on the internet.  Studies have shown that prospective patients do use the internet as a significant key factor in making health care decisions.
Even a mediocre rating can have them running to your competitors.

What Happens after I Turn in an Evaluation?

After your proposal we will contact you and do a thorough evaluation based on what current results are found. We will  then discuss a game plan to help you take control
of your online reputation. All done confidentially and effectively.

Get started today!

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